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October 27, 2005
C’est de la plus nouvelle image le suamigila et l’istribawel. Nous nous sommes rendus compte que nous n’avons pas beaucoup d’image de nous. Ainsi, le samedi passe autour du minuit, apres diner Chez Maria nous avons pris cette photo idiote de nous. Les cheveux de Suamigila obtiennent plus longtemps. Je veux qu’il ait des cheveux coupe… autrement que je couperai ses cheveux! Hahaha… qui est un cauchemar pour lui.

And if you think I speak French fluently… hohohoho… no… this is the secret ingredient. Google Languange Tools.

Maria is leaving Ivory Coast for good. I’m happy and sad at the same time. Happy because she’s going back to Denmark and working as a pilot and of course Copenhagen in much much much more beautiful than Abidjan. Sad because she is my shopping partner! We usually go to la marche du Cocody together.

But anyway, we’re leaving this country end of December. So, I will be tough hunting boots alone without her.

Today… I chat with my best friend who just got a not-very-nice pic for her driver license. Hehehe, very sorry to hear that Kke. Then suddenly I heard gun shots very clear outside my apartment. I was so scare!!! Because I just read news from this. Besides, this morning at 5 o’clock I heard a helicopter flying above our apartment, which is not a good sign.

After 30 minutes, everything back to normal. It turned out that some bandits asked money to Vigassistance. Which is funny because Vigassistance is a SECURITY company. Of course they have guns. So they shot just to alarm the bandits.

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