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December 20, 2005
Lately I dreamt a lot of my grandma. She passed away last year. She passed away two days before her birthday.

I was in Jakarta last year when she passed away. My parents called me and asked me to go to Bandung as soon as possible. I didn’t cry when I heard the sad news, but when I arrived at midnight and saw a lot of flowers outside my grandma’s house… it was really hard to breathe… and when saw her, I cried so hard.

My grandpa is a strong man. He didn’t cry and I never saw him cry. He was so calm when my grandma passed away. We all know it’s best for her.

But one day, when we were alone… he told me about grandma. He loves her so much. He told me that he often visits my grandma’s grave, three times a week. He also doesn’t like to stay at home a lot because everything always reminds him to grandma. And when he told me about it, I saw him cry. Then we both cried.

And today is her birthday. I miss her so much.

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