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naked pictures of famous people

April 5, 2006
we love jon stewart. he’s the host of academy awards 2006 and of course his famous tv show: the daily show with jon stewart.

i read again naked pictures of famous people. never fail to make me laugh.

taken from his site:
While he was working on the Miramax films, Jon was writing his book Naked Pictures of Famous People. It took him eight months to write the series of humorous essays in the style of Woody Allen or Steve Martin. Jon described many nights of writing until four in the morning. Of everything he’s done professionally, Jon says it’s his book he’s most satisfied with.

Category: Books
Author: Jon Stewart
Reading this book will make you laugh out loud! :-)

October 3, 1994

Dear Mother Teresa,
Hi. You don’t know me but my name is Diana and I’m your biggest fan. I’ve never written a letter like this before so don’t think I’m crazy but I think you’re the coolest. The more I hear about you the more I think we’re like sisters or something, where one of the sisters is this really beautiful princess and the other isn’t.

I want to know everything about you. Where do you live? I know you spend a lot of time in India, which is really weird because I live in England and India used to be on of our colonies. Do you spend summers there? I hear it’s really hot. Do you drink tea? Iced tea? Have you ever been to Monaco? It’s totally fun.

I’m married, are you? You’re probably too busy what with the lepers and everything. I think it’s kind of fun to be married. Well I guess I should be going. CIndy Crawford is coming to meet my kids and then we have to go to an ELton John concert-yuccck! Anyway, I would love to meet you for a drink or coffee, whatever, my treat! Please write me back or call me soon. You can call collect (but don’t make it a habit… ha-ha!)

Your friend (hopefully)
Her Royal Highness
Princess of Wales
Buckingham Palace
Suite #3
London, England

P.S. I’m not crazy.

November 12, 1994
Dear Mother of All Big Snobs,
Braaaaay!!! Braaaaay!!! Do you know what that sound is? It’s the sound an ass makes, which is what I feel like after writing you with an offer of friendship and never hearing back. I really thought you were different but I guess you’re just too big and important to write.

Your ex-friend
Princess Diana
London, England

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