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April 2006

daily living

Missing Him

my dearest friends, please meet my beautiful who-has-curly-hair niece. she’s only 2 years old and she is my best friend.  i don’t know what i’d do without her. i play everyday with her. now i’m familiar with dora the explorer and boots the monkey…

April 8, 2006
read & write

dari peluncuran novel braille

kemarin adalah launching 7 novel braille. acaranya meriah! dihadiri oleh para penulis fx rudy gunawan, fira basuki, ayu utami, dewi ‘dee’ lestari, icha rahmanti, miranda, yenni hardiwidjaja dan juga saya. moderator: wien muldian dari indonesia membaca dan vp dari yayasan mitra netra irwan dwi…

April 7, 2006
read & write

naked pictures of famous people

we love jon stewart. he’s the host of academy awards 2006 and of course his famous tv show: the daily show with jon stewart. i read again naked pictures of famous people. never fail to make me laugh. taken from his site:While he was…

April 5, 2006
movie & music

paradise now

last night, we finally watched this movie, paradise now. it’s about said and khaled, two childhood best friends who decided to be martyrs.…

April 4, 2006
read & write

novel braille

i tried to get two degrees. here, in faculty of law. but then i quit. i only studied there for a week. but i have a lot of friends. some still remember me because i also participated in opspek. seniors gave us jengkol water…

April 3, 2006