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things fall apart

April 11, 2006
i’m reading this book. after reading first chapter, i fall instantly in love with chinua achebe’s writing.

i admit that i’m a really really slow reader. i cannot handle thick books. fyi, i finished reading life of pi for a week even though i already had the book for more than a year. things fall apart is not a thick book. it’s only 152 pages.

this book, things fall apart, is highly recommended by adit’s friend who is coming from dakar when we were still in abidjan. then we ordered books from amazon even though the shipping cost is so expensive. so we bought a lot of books and read them later and now i’m starting to read them, one by one.

things fall apart
is about a man named okonkwo. he is the greatest wrestler and warrior alive. his fame spreads throughout west africa but things begin to fall apart when he accidentally kills a clansman.

about the writer.
chinua achebe was born in ogidi, nigeria.
chinua achebe is the son of a teacher in a missionary school.
chinua achebe received a BA from university of london.
chinua achebe has written more than 20 books.

talking about things fall apart…
yesterday was not really good for me.

someone sent me an sms and it made me cry. i don’t know if that someone reads my blog or not, but i was so sad. yes, face the reality… people don’t always do nice things.

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