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May 2006

daily living

indonesian idol

after american idol, now it’s time to watch indonesian idol.yes, i sent sms last night to 9288 for this humble his voice so much!…

May 20, 2006
daily living

what i love the most in the morning

what i love the most in the morning when we were still in abidjan is, the nice smell of coffee from our espresso machine. the coffee is from nespresso. its smell is heaven! here, we tried to buy coffee from starbucks but our espresso…

May 18, 2006
daily living


i wanted you to know i love the way you laughi wanna hold you high and steal your pain awayi keep your photograph i know it serves me welli wanna hold you high and steal your pain ’cause i’m broken when i’m lonesomeand i…

May 18, 2006
movie & music

lentera merah

we are invited to the premiere of lentera merah this week.yay! do you know who the scriptwriter is? gina! she is a very talented woman, married to a story teller. i watched the trailer! congrats gina!…

May 17, 2006
daily living


before your husband kisses you, kindly please check whether he’s wearing shoes. otherwise, he will call you at 7 am. “honey, would you be so kind to go to my office by taxi?” “sure. but… why?” “i forgot to wear shoes.”…

May 16, 2006
read & write

malcolm gladwell

i’m having fun reading these two non-fiction books. written by malcolm gladwell. a guy with a funky hair style. he has been a staff writer with The New Yorker magazine since 1996. thank you kinokuniya for the 20% savings.…

May 16, 2006
daily living

Ibu Kota

how’s your weekend mes amies? weekend saya sepi.adit harus ke kantor, hari jum’at sampai minggu pergi pagi jam 6 dan baru kembali ke rumah jam 2 atau 3 pagi. tidur sebentar dan kembali lagi ke kantor. oh! kejamnya ibu kota.…

May 15, 2006
daily living


waktu euro trip kemarin, mulai deh jadi kolektor post card. awalnya, suka beli post card karena inget alaya ngoleksi. lama-lama, jadi beli 2. satu buat alaya, satu buat sendiri. selain alaya, mbak fira juga ternyata koleksi post card… koleksinya asik lagi, post card lama.…

May 11, 2006