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November 25, 2007
weekend was great. i was left with such a happy glowing feeling.
on saturday, we went to orchard by bus. a double decker bus, precisely. alde was very happy. i was happy to see him smiling all the way.
we went to borders. feels like it’s been ages that we didn’t go there. adit bought 4 books. i just bought this book

from now on, i try to limit myself not to buy a lot of books. as you know, we live in a small apartment. we’re running out of space to place our books. or even though there is actually place, alde is very happy to reach it and tear our books into parts.

and i’m very happy living in singapore because of the library and now i have become a lover of san book shop where you can purchase book and also sell it back. very nice.
the one which is located at vivo city is a small place with floor-to-ceiling shelves. nice. warm. i love it. just perfect.

and now, it’s raining again in singapore.
and my son is taking a nap.
and he is turning 15 months today.

and it’s me time… after cleaning the house, washing & ironing clothes, cooking…
and i’m going to read a book i borrowed from san book shop.
and i’m planning to make myself a cup of coffee.
and i’m very happy.
and i’m very happy.

san book shop
1 harbourfront walk
#02-130 vivo city singapore

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