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january 2008

January 30, 2008

o1. i’m happy because suamigila and i finally had a normal conversation!

02. i love it when my petite kitchen is clean.

03. if you have an obese child, then her/his school will give her/him a special sport class every saturday in order to lose weight! crazy-aaah!

04. i’m so amazed that some singaporeans skip their LUNCH to do exercise! crazy-aah!

05. i love vivo city for some reasons.

06. einstein never used flash cards.

07. aldebaran doesn’t wear the original crocs.

08. i couldn’t come to my cousin’s wedding.

09. aldebaran loves megabloks.

10. pasta is our favourite weekend food.

11. i’m happy tk and rachel win the amazing race 12. they’re my favourite couple.

12. aldebaran turns 17 mos.

13. my mother in law was here. she brought us books and J.CO!!! yay!

14. i love a very yuppy wedding by ika natassa. she’s a talented writer and a fun fearless female. the fact that she works like crazy and still have time to write, hats off to ika. i read her blog. and now, she’s writing her second novel! wow!

15. i haven’t finished reading marriagable by riri sardjono but i knew that i love her book.
i love the way she writes a novel. she’s amazing! riri, your second novel please… ;-) i’ll be the one who buy it in the first place.

16. i am so very sad because for the first time, aldebaran is ill.

17. i always love a cool wedding dance ;-)

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