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June 2008

June 30, 2008
01. best things in life are free

02. never leave home without alde’s toy car.

03. we love ellen degeneres!

04. we didn’t plan to watch barney let’s imagine live @ suntec. i bought the ticket. i was so happy seeing aldebaran dancing. it was fun! we left early. on the way home, alde was sleeping on the bus.

05. i love internet! ;-)

06. three reisenthel bags for you…

07. holland – france : 4- 1 woohooo…

08. if you want to know what is dementor… please read agung mbot’s multiply.

09. test pack is out from freezer! wawww… so excited!

10. istribawel is turning thirty! eww… got an early bday present from fira bas, lots of friends remember my bday. thank you mes amies. and… got a bday present from suamigila :-) i heart red empire kitchen aid.

11. aldebaran is 22 months old this month!

12. grono table lamp from ikea reminds me of our home in jakarta.

13. grandpa is turning 78.

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