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March 2009

movie & music

Eliane Elias

for your information, i really love eliane elias. so of course i really wanted to watch her performance in mosaic music festival in singapore. our cousin was very kind to babysit aldebaran. we went to esplanade by bus. feeling happy as if it was…

March 16, 2009

Visit Singapore

you have: 1. passport 2. npwp but you’ve never been abroad. why don’t you try to go to singapore? ;-) cheap airlines are available (airasia, value, lion air).…

March 14, 2009
guest & press

Featured in Femina Magazine

terima kasih kepada majalah femina :-) blog istribawel yang sederhana ini muncul di rubrik rupa-rupa femina. seneng banget! ps, femina-nya 2 minggu yang lalu :-)…

March 11, 2009

7 cm

i want to eat like a pig and fat. my second pregnancy is totally different from the first one. in my first pregnancy, i ate a lot. no morning sickness whatsoever. i felt nothing. but now, every night, i feel queasy. it’s like riding…

March 3, 2009