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June 2009

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Have A Nice Weekend

June 28, 2009

i really love his apartment. especially the chairs! i was inspired to do the same thing too.

we finally moved to a flat in jalan membina, on thursday night. it’s in tiong bahru. love the place. it’s totally different from living in previous place but to tell you the truth, i love the new place. it’s smaller (lucky me! cleaning the apartment is easy!). our neighbour is indian so you can always smell something indian when you step in the 14th floor.

the day after we moved, news spread all over the world that the king of pop, michael jackson, passed away.

we watched transformers 2 on friday night. suamigila loves the movie so much!

on saturday, he bought optimus prime action figure. “when i was a kid, i didn’t have it… so i want it now.”


daily living

Wrap It Like Sushi Weekend

sepuluh tahun lebih kenal sama suamigila, ngga pernah sekalipun dia ngasih bunga :-) ya ngga apa-apa karena saya sendiri bukan tipe orang yang suka dikasih bunga :-) tapi ga tau kenapa, pas ulang kurang tahun kemarin, suamigila ngasih bunga :-) suamigila: today is my…

June 21, 2009
daily living

On Getting Older

terima kasih untuk bersabar karena aku tahu kalau hal-hal terbaik dalam hidup tidak memerlukan uang. taken from 9naga.…

June 19, 2009
style & beauty


mau? cherry leopard flat shoes dari pla. size: 39 (panjang telapak kaki 23,5 cm). caranya? – harus punya account twitter. – follow me (istribawel) on twitter. – quiz dimulai saat istribawel udah posting tweet sbb: hey you! – kalo udah baca tweet tsb, silahkan…

June 14, 2009
daily living


how’s your weekend, mes amies? suamigila was on duty. so, i went to vivo city with aldebaran. spent hours at the playground. i was soo sleepy so decided to grab a tall ice coffee latte while waiting for alde. did i tell you that…

June 14, 2009
daily living

A Real Treat

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh everyday, ah, now that’s a real treat.” Joanne Newman image: gettyimages.…

June 13, 2009
daily living

Cousin’s Wedding

my cousin married to a malaysian girl.  i missed the reception both in klang & bandung. enjoy the photos. farhan & dian, “semoga Allah memberi berkah kepadamu dan atasmu serta mengumpulkan kamu berdua (pengantin laki-laki dan perempuan) dalam kebaikan.”…

June 11, 2009