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Ninit termasuk kategori orang asik karena sangat menginspirasi dan kreatif.

Wimar Witoelar

There are many things that can be said characterizing the persona of Ninit Yunita. Consistent, patient, practical, humble, persistent, open minded, caring, smart, good listener, easily connect to people, to name a few. But one particular word can describe her driving force is: Passion.

A writer, a traveler, a baker, an entrpreneur, a craftswoman, and most importantly – a mother, whatever Ninit is doing has sprouted from her passion, and it has fueled her to keep on going. Not only that, she has the ability to translate her passion into real things, and also able to transmit the passion to others through her exceptional communication skill.

A person of many talent, she had published her work into best selling books, opened a business, get published, won awards, yet never quit to learn from other people and always enthusiastically share things with others. In spite of that, her little family is visibly the center of her life, from whom her passion is born.

Meuthia Chaerani.

istribawel.com is the winner of favourite blog (category: personal) in pesta blogger 2007.

istribawel.com is recognised as one of top 100 blogs in bahasa indonesia.