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adit bought this table lamp from ikea. somehow, it reminds me of our home in jakarta. the lamp is identical.…

June 29, 2008
home & living

Our Pantry

hey!wanna see our pantry? please buy newest edition of TABLOID NOVA. awww… i’m so happy! :-)this is one of the best days in 2008.…

February 29, 2008
home & living

Decor 8

i heart this blog. since i was in junior high, i have always been in love with design. our apartment is empty so i browse a lot. looking for inspiration.…

July 10, 2007
home & living


weekend, we went to ikea again… and again… and again… :-) i just love ikea so much! :-) kalo di komik, awan yang ada di atas kepala gua isinya semua tentang ikea. ;-) fell instantly in love with this coffee table… lucu bangettt… dilapis…

June 10, 2007