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Less Than 8hrs

By On June 21, 2012

Adit ada meeting di Southpoint dan saya ikut biar sekalian bisa ketemu Shinta & Thalia buat foto-foto. Wow… baru nyadar kalo udah lama banget saya ngga jalan-jalan. Nyampe Changi, pisah sama Adit.… Read More


Visit Singapore

By On March 14, 2009

you have: 1. passport 2. npwp but you’ve never been abroad. why don’t you try to go to singapore? ;-) cheap airlines are available (airasia, value, lion air).… Read More


Snowing In Venice

By On December 4, 2006

From Milan, we went to Venice by train. Last night, we watched weather forecast and it was said there will be snowing in Venice. It was so damn accurate! If that’s not… Read More