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New Sandals

July 10, 2008

last night, we had dinner @ naturally disney anchor point. then we went straight to a shopping center close to anchor point. i wanted to buy new sandals for alde. we tried them on alde and he seemed very pleased that he didn’t want to take them off. i was very upset when the shop employee tried to slowly hit alde on hand because of that.…

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daily living

Just Wana

we were waiting for taxi at united square, then i saw this… dengan sangat telatnya (seperti biasa), saya baru nonton national treasure 2. keren! dan menurut saya potongan rambut nicholas cage di situ, bikin dia ngga ganteng :-(  trus di da vinci code, potongan…

May 21, 2008
daily living


one of the nice things if you live in singapore, is that… you will always have friends or family who come to visit you (you will see indonesians everywhere. like maudy koesnaedi and her husband at borders or sutrisno bachir in vivo city). which…

January 7, 2008
daily living

Orchard at Night

went to takashimaya last night. planned to use the voucher properly there. but… it was sooo crowded!!! orchard at night is so beautiful. but once is enough. we don’t like crowded places.  so after a tall ice coffee latte, we went to taxi stand…

December 23, 2007
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San Book Shop

weekend was great. i was left with such a happy glowing feeling. on saturday, we went to orchard by bus. a double decker bus, precisely. alde was very happy. i was happy to see him smiling all the way. we went to borders. feels…

November 25, 2007