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daily living

I Love That Lady

something super nice happened to me this morning.  i had appointment to see my gynecologist today at 9.30 am. went there together with aldebaran. from my place, it’s absolutely easier to go there by bus. take bus # 65, then stop at lucky plaza.…

March 20, 2009
daily living

This Friday

i went to raffles place to participate in book cross @ sg. i went there by mrt. and they gave me borders’ gift voucher. in mrt alde was sleeping some people were talking a girl listening to her ipod two guys in front of…

November 29, 2007
daily living

Did You Know?

durian is called the king of fruits and said to smell like hell and taste like heaven! the smell is so strong it is banned from hospitals, airlines, and mass rapid transport (mrt). if your car collides with a tree, you have to pay…

August 23, 2007