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June 14, 2009

how’s your weekend, mes amies? suamigila was on duty. so, i went to vivo city with aldebaran. spent hours at the playground. i was soo sleepy so decided to grab a tall ice coffee latte while waiting for alde. did i tell you that alde is no longer in stroller? walking everywhere. i love seeing my son walks and sometimes runs. now he asks me a lot of questions. “what’s that?” “what are you doing?’ “what has happened?” “what’s wrong?”…

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daily living

Wave Board

it’s a common view in the playground. kids, and their current favourite toy, wave board. aldebaran loves seeing them riding on wave board. :-)…

April 14, 2009
daily living

Playground This Afternoon

kids these days. almost all of them wear crocs.they look cute on kids. but not on me of course :-) these are not the original crocs. these are chloe’s. she doesn’t want to wear them. so her crocs rest in her bag.and this is…

January 9, 2008