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Wrap It Like Sushi Weekend

June 21, 2009

sepuluh tahun lebih kenal sama suamigila, ngga pernah sekalipun dia ngasih bunga :-) ya ngga apa-apa karena saya sendiri bukan tipe orang yang suka dikasih bunga :-) tapi ga tau kenapa, pas ulang kurang tahun kemarin, suamigila ngasih bunga :-) suamigila: today is my wife’s birthday. i want to give her flowers. any idea? florist: oh roses! give her roses. suamigila: ok, how much should i pay? florist: it’s SGD 50. suamigila: ow, but i only have SGD 15. florist:…

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daily living

I Love That Lady

something super nice happened to me this morning.  i had appointment to see my gynecologist today at 9.30 am. went there together with aldebaran. from my place, it’s absolutely easier to go there by bus. take bus # 65, then stop at lucky plaza.…

March 20, 2009
daily living

Just Wana

we were waiting for taxi at united square, then i saw this… dengan sangat telatnya (seperti biasa), saya baru nonton national treasure 2. keren! dan menurut saya potongan rambut nicholas cage di situ, bikin dia ngga ganteng :-(  trus di da vinci code, potongan…

May 21, 2008
daily living


one of the nice things if you live in singapore, is that… you will always have friends or family who come to visit you (you will see indonesians everywhere. like maudy koesnaedi and her husband at borders or sutrisno bachir in vivo city). which…

January 7, 2008
daily living

Walking Speed

do you know that singaporeans are the world’s fastest walkers? the cities ranked by the speeds at which people walk: 1. singapore (Singapore) 2. copenhagen (Denmark) 3. madrid (Spain) 4. guangzhou (China) 5. dublin (Ireland) 6. curitiba (Brazil) 7. berlin (Germany) 8. new york…

November 28, 2007
daily living

Not Pure

somewhere in bugis street. “is this halal?” “halal… halal…” silence. “uhhmmm… not pure halal lah…” :-)…

September 11, 2007