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June 14, 2009

how’s your weekend, mes amies? suamigila was on duty. so, i went to vivo city with aldebaran. spent hours at the playground. i was soo sleepy so decided to grab a tall ice coffee latte while waiting for alde. did i tell you that alde is no longer in stroller? walking everywhere. i love seeing my son walks and sometimes runs. now he asks me a lot of questions. “what’s that?” “what are you doing?’ “what has happened?” “what’s wrong?”…

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movie & music

Pink Panther

on saturday night, we watched pink panther 2 at 9.40 pm. we booked 3 seats. we had no choice but to bring aldebaran along with us.  that’s why we went to cinema at night, hoping that he will fall asleep during the movie. guess…

February 23, 2009
daily living


one of the nice things if you live in singapore, is that… you will always have friends or family who come to visit you (you will see indonesians everywhere. like maudy koesnaedi and her husband at borders or sutrisno bachir in vivo city). which…

January 7, 2008
read & write

San Book Shop

weekend was great. i was left with such a happy glowing feeling. on saturday, we went to orchard by bus. a double decker bus, precisely. alde was very happy. i was happy to see him smiling all the way. we went to borders. feels…

November 25, 2007
daily living


cast of heroes are coming to singapore!!! yataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!…

August 3, 2007