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August 2005

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The Miracle

August 30, 2005

Do you know… ah! of course you don’t… That’s why I’m telling you now… Adit is usually back from the office at 7.00-8.00 pm. Then we have dinner. After that, he’s smoking while checking mails or reading or watching television. Me? Washing plates, cleaning the kitchen, ironing at night (sometimes) and watering plants. The funny thing is, I have to be in the same room as he is. He doesn’t care what I do, as long as I’m in the…

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daily living


Insya Allah lima hari lagi mudik ke Indo.  Semoga sebelum tanggal 18 September, gua udah bisa ngelahirin. Selama ini, dari bulan Februari gua hamil terus . Hahaha… yayaya… maksud gua, ngelahirin novel kedua. Minta komen ke beberapa orang… makan waktu kira-kira 1-1.5 bulan trus…

August 28, 2005
movie & music

Jomblo-ers They’re In Friendster

JOMBLO-ers Agus Agus’s TestimonialsSay something about Agus: add a testimonialBimoBimo | Wednesday, August 24, 2005Temen seperjuangan ! ! ! Kapan ya Gus kita merdeka dari perbudakan jomblo ? Ayo dong terus cari Gus, ntar aku mbat ! Hehehe. Guyon lho Gus. Aku sadar banget…

August 25, 2005
daily living

the feeling

I still remember that feeling… when my first novel was published. Happy and scare. Everything in 1 basket. Now… I’m feeling it again……

August 24, 2005
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stay healthy

I know he doesn’t really like to do sports. Sedangkan gua, the one who believe, in order to stay healthy harus rajin olah raga. So, I persuaded him to go to the gym with me. He said yes and I’m really happy. I really…

August 18, 2005
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he: Do I make you happy?she: Yes, you do…he: Do I make you laugh?she: Yes, you do…he: Everyday?she: Yes… you make me happy and you make me laugh she: everyday… Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia. Di Cote d’Ivoire nggak ada KBRI. The only one KBRI untuk…

August 17, 2005
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I Love This Game

My first mission when I arrived in Abidjan is: my husband has to gain weight.   Now after 2 months, his pants are smaller. Yay! mission accomplished. I guess that what’s istri bawel for. Adit is the best looking guy in the world, mind…

August 10, 2005
daily living


Last week was the hardest. Ok, so I bought a domain. Then I planned to move my old blog ( here. The plan was very unsuccesful. I e-mailed blogger about it but still haven’t got a satisfied answer. I was planning to buy…

August 7, 2005