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August 7, 2005
Last week was the hardest. Ok, so I bought a domain. Then I planned to move my old blog (http://ninit1.blogspot.com) here. The plan was very unsuccesful. I e-mailed blogger about it but still haven’t got a satisfied answer.

I was planning to buy www.ninityunita.com but I changed my mind. Well… dunno but I’m not sure about the name. Besides, I’m nothing but a housewife and words collector (I’m comfortable with the last one). So, I bought www.istribawel.com. Inspired by suami-manja-yang-senang-tampil Adhitya Mulya. When I say something to my husband, his anwer is… “bawel! bawel! bawel!”

What? i’m not a bawel wife you know…


Kindly please update my URL because it’s no longer http://ninit1.blogspot.com anymore.

Besides blog, we also moved to new apartment. We used to live in Cocody. Cocody is a very nice area. In the same road, there are several embassies (Italy, USA, Morocco – that, as far as I remember). Also, we live close to a hospital called PISAM (Polyclinique International St Anne Marie). Been there several times (when my face hit the floor because I tried to copy Jackie Chan’s style, I also went there).

Cocody, yes, indeed a very nice area. Plants are so green, the area is so quiet and calm.

We moved to an apartment in Marcory. The size is almost twice bigger than the old apartment. We have 3 rooms (we use one for mushola) with bathroom attached to each and a toilet in foyer. The area is busy. I see people thru the window. People say, Marcory is a Lebanese quartier. That is so true. There are many Lebanese live here and some of them have supermarket and some shops. The good thing living in Marcory is that I don’t need taxi to go to Supermarket and shops are closed at 8 PM (in Cocody, they closed at 6 PM ). Also, beside our apartment is a pizza joint. Sometimes you just can shout to order pizza. No phone required. Nice huh?

Another view from the apartment is the lagoon. The owner of the apartment is building a swimming pool close to it. I love enjoying the view in the morning. Sometimes, some fishing boats are passing.

We’re leaving this country end of December. So, I enjoy every second I spend.


Kindly please update the URL. I’m moving here now.

My best friend is a 50 years old dutch lady who was born in Medan (I will tell you about her later). Her husband was also born there! AND Adit was also born there!!! HORAS!

Today is the independence day of Cote d’Ivoire. We heard sounds outside. We checked to make sure that’s the sound of fireworks not bombs.

Today is the independence day but it is predicted two months later, there will be another war.

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