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November 14, 2005
I had a nice weekend. Last night, Maria & Mikkel invited us to have dinner. We went to a restaurant called Petit Budha. We laughed a lot, talked a lot and no dead air. They’re our favorite couple. I didn’t realize that it was midnight already. Maybe it’s true… time is passing so fast when you have such a good time.

Maria is leaving next Friday and Mikkel is leaving Abidjan for good a day before us (we’re going home in end of December). Newsflash. Next Friday we’re also going to Copenhagen. So it’s must be fun to go together with them.

Oui mes amies, next Friday we’re going to Europe. Two weeks. We’re going to Denmark, The Netherlands (Rie, we’re going to Haarlem too), Italy & Spain. It’s closer and less expensive to go to Europe from here.

Must learn to remember dan pronounce these words:
Excuse me/ sorry: Undskyld
How much is it?: Hvor meget koster det?
Please: Ma jeg bede
I’m lost: Jeg har gaet vild
(They speak English but I want to learn Danish).

Insteresting facts about Denmark:
Do you know they pay a lottttt of money for tax
Do you know that someone in Denmark needs someone to count his/her tax
Do you know that it costs EUR 15000/m2 to build a house in Denmark
Do you know that many tourists want to go to Christiania because it’s legal to buy hash

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