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December 7, 2005


euro trip

December 7, 2005

COUNTRIES WE VISITED: 1. Denmark 2. The Netherlands 3. Italy 4. Spain CITIES WE VISITED:1. Copenhagen2. Roskilde3. Amsterdam4. Haarlem5. Leiden6. Den Haag7. Delft8. Rotterdam9. Milan10. Venezia11. Seville12. Cordoba13. Madrid14. Barcelona Europe on a shoe string.WHY1. Because we’re not millionaires.2. Because every time he came back from Denmark, he always said everything is less beautiful without you.3. Because we cannot go anywhere in Cote d’Ivoire. Police always stops our car and ask for money. C’est toujours L’ARGANT! NO, SERIOUSLY…1. Because Europe…

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