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December 7, 2005
1. Denmark 2. The Netherlands 3. Italy 4. Spain

1. Copenhagen
2. Roskilde
3. Amsterdam
4. Haarlem
5. Leiden
6. Den Haag
7. Delft
8. Rotterdam
9. Milan
10. Venezia
11. Seville
12. Cordoba
13. Madrid
14. Barcelona

Europe on a shoe string.
1. Because we’re not millionaires.
2. Because every time he came back from Denmark, he always said everything is less beautiful without you.
3. Because we cannot go anywhere in Cote d’Ivoire. Police always stops our car and ask for money. C’est toujours L’ARGANT!

1. Because Europe is closer to Africa than Indonesia.
2. Because it’s cheaper and since we’re not millionaires, I’m not sure we’re able to travel to Europe from Indonesia.

November 18 to December 4, 2005

Why did you travel to Europe on November? At the moment, isn’t it cold in Europe?
1. He loves cold weather. (Turned out he hated it).
2. It’s the only time we have before we go back to Indonesia.
3. Last home leave, we went back to Indonesia to watched Jomblo the movie – shooting.

Thank You!
1. Denmark: Tak
2. The Netherlands: Dank Je
3. Italy: Grazie
4. Spain: Gracias


1. EXPENSIVE… Expensive… Expensive.
2. He always try to speak like a Danish. Never fail to make me laugh.
3. He wants to have a picture of himself in front of the office headquarter in Esplanaden.
4. Ibu Heti Soenaryo (perias pengantin) told me, Danish is a funny language. It is true!
5. I saw LOTS OF KIDS everywhere! Really cute in their winter clothes! They make me want to go to the police and report their parents as bad bad bad bad bad parents so I can take their children home. Hehehe.

The Netherlands:

1. We have our own guide. Icol – Isa Natadiningrat (gua pinjem nama keluarganya buat dipake Rahmat di TEST PACK).
2. Icol and us went to the same highschool. SMA 5 Bandung! Yay! (hihihi). He is my bestfriend’s boyfriend (waving to Muti) and he’s also Irvan’s brother (do you remember one member of ME? Singing: Inikah namanya cinta… oh inikah cinta… cinta pada jumpa pertama).
3. At the airport, Icol & Farid picked us up. FYI Farid is Enda’s brother who is studying in The Netherlands to get his master degree.
4. We all went to the same highschool. Icol was class of 94. Farid 95 and us 96. So it was like a school reunion hehehe.
5. We met Haarlem girls!!! Some of them are bloggers too!!! Thanks girls! And especially to Lia who sacrifice her room for us.
6. Farid and Myra (whose wallet was stolen when we were in central station) accompanied us to Schiphol.
7. We almost missed our flight to Milan! We had to run and run and run. We were the last passenger who get in to the plane!


1. First impression: They really love football.
A. Bus, from airport to central station, they listen to the football match live report on the radio.
B. Taxi. Same thing.
2. They produce the best shoes in the world! Especially boots. Oh oh oh… I’m crazy about boots! I couldn’t resist to buy boots when we were in Milan. When we visited Venezia, I also bought another boots again. I told him that I will wear these boots for the rest of my life. Even when I get older and happen to be a grandma, I will be the coolest grandma who wear boots from Italy. Hehehe.
3. They don’t speak English very well like Danish & Dutch people.


1. Seville is THE CLEANEST city of all cities we visited.

2. Cordoba is the city that I love the most in Spain. I learn a lot of history from suamigila. FYI, sekalian belajar sejarah dari adit (fyi, pas SMA dia jadi orang yang ‘menyebalkan’. Tipe-tipe orang yang suka nanya-nanya menjelang pelajaran berakhir, jadi bikin guru tambah lama di kelas… hehehe. Anyway, anak2 SMA 5 bandung pasti tau deh gimana susahnya dapet nilai 6 dari Ibu Tuti yang guru sejarah itu. ehhh… adit dikasih 9, itu pun pake pesan Ibu Tuti: saya ngga mungkin ngasih kamu nilai 10 di rapot!!! huhuhuh).

Setelah di Cordoba, gua jadi pengen cepet-cepet baca HOLY WAR-nya Karen Armstrong… dan sekarang lagi baca. Telat banget yaaa baru baca hehehe…

3. Madrid. The city that we didn’t enjoy very much.
4. Barcelona. Sorry to say but I don’t like Barcelona. Biasanya kalo adit komplen tentang ini itu, gua selalu ‘ngga ngebela’ dia.
Tapi pas di stasiun waktu adit mau beli tiket kereta dari Barcelona ke Madrid, petugasnya menolak buat berbahasa Inggris.
“We spent so much money in HIS country and HE refused to speak ENGLISH. That’s rude!

This time, I really agree with him.

Happy birthday Adhitya Mulya! 3 Desember 2005, kita lagi ada di Barcelona.

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