December 12, 2005

The best time to start packing is: 1 minute before you have to go to the airport.

Bring anything you like! Your best clothes. Those beautiful boots that you never wear. Those mini skirts. Your timeless pair of jeans. One hundred tshirts with your favorite bands on it.

No! Honey… you won’t have a fashion show when you’re traveling.
Bawa aja 3 celana panjang. Lima tshirt lengan panjang atau pendek (kalo traveling di cuaca dingin). Jaket. Gloves. Syal.

I always bring a sachet of detergent. It is useful to wash your undies or your smelly socks.

A Photo! I want to bring my boyfriend’s photo!
You’re traveling to Europe and you want to bring your boyfriend’s photo?

Yes I am. Bahkan ukuran fotonya persis seperti poster film… and I don’t mind! I love him so much.
Suamigila has been to Europe many times before we are married. He always says, everything is less beautiful without you. When we traveled to Europe, did he say that now everything is beautiful because you are with me now? NO! When we were in Spain, he said… “Jam 1 kamu, cantik! Ya ampunnn, tuh cewek yang pake baju putih itu cakep banget sih.”

Well those hispanic women… they’re really beautiful, indeed.

I’m sure you have a lot of his picture in your cellular.

Mengagumi tidak berarti tidak setia, hihihihi.


If you have EUR 500 to spend everyday, then you won’t have a problem. For my husband and me, fast food is our savior.
Also… if you have to eat rice everyday, then you don’t have to bring your rice cooker. It’s heavy. Maybe it’s time to consider to break your habit. Believe me, eating fast food everyday is fun though. Hehehe… besides, if you’re on diet, then traveling probably is the best way to burn those fats.

best thing to do
When you’re abroad, why don’t you try to taste their food. But always be careful. If you’re muslim, then don’t eat pork. If you’re vegetarian, then don’t eat meat.

For example, you love Italian food. Why don’t you try to eat spaghetti bolognaise while you’re somewhere in Venice.

Don’t be like us. We ate chinese food when we were in Milan.

Our defense. We missed rice like crazy. Besides, we always eat fast food. So we deserve to eat CHINESE food in Italy. Hehehhe…

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