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turn left turn right

March 31, 2006

we’ve been looking for turnleftturnright for so long. ngga pernah dapet dvd-nya. akhirnya dapet pinjeman dari fanny & ruri. wooowww… it’s a really good movie, i must say! especially the story.

turnleftturnright is about JOHN LIU (takeshi kaneshiro – “house of flying daggers”) and EVE CHOI (gigi leung).

john liu is a violinist. women flock to him like bees to honey but what he truly longs for is to meet that special someone who will appreciate his music, not just his face. to make life worst, john is forced to take a part-time job serenading unappreciative dinner patrons at a five-star restaurant.

eve choi is a translator. her true passion is translating love poems by poets around the world, but on most days she is stuck translating cheesy novels and cheap thrillers.

like millions living in a large city, john and eve lead their lives of wistful solitude. living in the same apartment building and separated by one thin wall, john and eve may have brushed shoulders in crowds a hundred times, but somehow their paths never really cross.

at the right corner of their apartment building, june, a neurotic stalker is waiting for john. to avoid her, john always turns left.

while translating a horror novel, the imaginative eve thought she saw a ghost on the left corner of the building. since then, she always turns right.

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