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May 2006

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dead time the movie & thank you for smoking

dead time… film kedua joko anwar. interesting! anything joko anwar’s is a must see. wah asik nih sutradara punya blog dan cerita ttg filmnya. seru! seru! oh, by the way i saw him last night @ i sinema antv as a teacher. :) ps,…

May 31, 2006


kemarin iseng-iseng pasang headphone, lagu klasik mozart for babies gitu dan dipasang di perut… guess what! my baby was moving more active than usual. so, i’m planning to do this everyday. sebenernya kalo lagi ngaji, dia suka gerak-gerak juga… huhuhu suka banget deh kalo…

May 30, 2006
read & write


due to this guy is a heavy smoker, i will make sure i will be the first person who buy this book. ps, buku ini cocok juga buat shopaholic ;-)…

May 26, 2006
daily living

from paris with love

i received a post card from angie. it’s a post card from paris. merci beaucoup angie ! been there before but i realised that i don’t have a post card from paris. once again, thank you angie. ah! i guess i can’t thank you…

May 25, 2006
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heart – cetakan 4

alhamdulillah… good news for me. heart masuk cetakan!that fast!i’m very grateful. hatur nuhun ya Allah. merci beaucoup mes amies. tadi siang ke gedung indovision, taping untuk acara kilas opini. ngobrol santai tentang dunia menulis bareng yennie, dila & denny editor gagasmedia. kalo ngga…

May 24, 2006
movie & music

he, me, movie.

he called to let me know that he’s going home tomorrow from work early in the morning. that’s why we couldn’t come to a friend’s wedding tonight @ sasono adiguno tmii.sometimes i hate this situation when he has to work like crazy but on…

May 20, 2006