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May 20, 2006
he called to let me know that he’s going home tomorrow from work early in the morning. that’s why we couldn’t come to a friend’s wedding tonight @ sasono adiguno tmii.
sometimes i hate this situation when he has to work like crazy but on the other hand, i really understand his situation.

so, i watched this, this and this.

i love the terminal, no need to explain. it’s a warming up before i watch the da vinci code.

shopgirl? not really my cup of coffee.

mail order wife is an interesting movie. it’s a documentary. at first, my sympathize goes to lichi… but later on, i don’t like her at all especially when she bought a lot of ‘pigs’ and the way she asks adrian that she wants to have a baby from him.

i guess now it’s time to continue reading a book again… trying to stay awake, waiting for him to come home.

have a nice weekend, you!

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