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what i love the most in the morning

May 18, 2006
what i love the most in the morning when we were still in abidjan is, the nice smell of coffee from our espresso machine. the coffee is from nespresso. its smell is heaven!

here, we tried to buy coffee from starbucks but our espresso machine is so very sensitive. their coffee is not soft enough.

thank god, they sell illy here.

ps, has anyone here (who love coffee) tried to drink coffee luwak?
i’m still curious to try.

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  • Reply nuri August 9, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Kopi luwak? yes I have, and not as gross as most people thought, :)
    Tapi baunya lebih sedap Vietnamesse Coffee, apalagi jika diminum menggunakan classic coffee drip,
    Masih penasaran mbak dg kopi luwak tp ini post thn 2006 ya? hehe..coba aja order disini :
    mereka punya kemasan kecil, bagi pemula peminum kopi luwak, :D

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