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October 2007

daily living

first time

i tried ebay last night. hihihi…setelah sekian lama pengen tas i’m not a plastic bag. lucky me, suamigila didn’t say a word :-)))biasanya muka suamigila langsung berbentuk segitiga kalo istribawel berhubungan sama tas. but i don’t know…is it original or not? hehe… btw, do…

October 17, 2007
daily living

What’s The Story?

couldn’t sleep last night. went to our tres petite kitchen and i made these muffin. the original recipe is: low-fat chocolate chips muffin 300 g plain flour 225 g icing sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 2 tbsps dutch-process cocoa powder 2 lightly beaten eggs…

October 9, 2007