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November 2007

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This Friday

November 29, 2007

i went to raffles place to participate in book cross @ sg. i went there by mrt. and they gave me borders’ gift voucher. in mrt alde was sleeping some people were talking a girl listening to her ipod two guys in front of me were sleeping some people were staring at me a boy cried so loud an indian girl was reading a reader’s digest i offered my seat to a lady a guy was playing with his cellular…

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daily living

Walking Speed

do you know that singaporeans are the world’s fastest walkers? the cities ranked by the speeds at which people walk: 1. singapore (Singapore) 2. copenhagen (Denmark) 3. madrid (Spain) 4. guangzhou (China) 5. dublin (Ireland) 6. curitiba (Brazil) 7. berlin (Germany) 8. new york…

November 28, 2007
daily living


it’s been more than 2 months living without digicam… life is hard since then (hiperbola!). my son broke it. something is wrong with the lens. he thought, digicam is his toy. maybe it’s karma? because i also broke my parents’ camera when i was…

November 27, 2007
daily living

5 Things I Hate About You

5 Things I Hate About You’ is a feel good reality show, that puts relationships under the microscope. i found myself laughing out loud last saturday, watching this program. ada istri yang suka banget ngemil tapi harus sembunyi-sembunyi karena suami suka bilang big butt…

November 26, 2007
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San Book Shop

weekend was great. i was left with such a happy glowing feeling. on saturday, we went to orchard by bus. a double decker bus, precisely. alde was very happy. i was happy to see him smiling all the way. we went to borders. feels…

November 25, 2007
daily living

Ibu dan Anak

tiadalah seorang wanita yang meminyaki rambut anaknya lalu menyisirnya dan mencuci pakaiannya melainkan Allah akan menetapkan pahala baginya seperti pahala memberi makan seribu orang yang kelaparan dan memberi pakaian seribu orang yang telanjang.…

November 23, 2007
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a million little pieces

the young man came to the old man seeking counsel. i broke something, old man. how badly is it broken? it’s in a million little pieces. i’m afraid i can’t help you. why? there’s nothing you can do. why? it can’t be fixed. why?…

November 22, 2007
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buku baru

panduan ibadah haji bagi perempuan.oleh: brilyantini.penerbit: mizan. sangat bagus…sangat menginspirasi… berhaji selagi muda… kenapa tidak? justru haji lebih baik dilaksanakan saat kita muda.…

November 21, 2007