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January 2008

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january 2008

o1. i’m happy because suamigila and i finally had a normal conversation! 02. i love it when my petite kitchen is clean. 03. if you have an obese child, then her/his school will give her/him a special sport class every saturday in order to…

January 30, 2008
daily living

Aldebaran Sakit

semalem, aldebaran panas. :-(ini kali pertama dia sakit.alhamdulillah, sore ini panasnya udah berkurang. kasian aja liat dia jadi lemes… tapi, saya ngga panik. soalnya karena ikutan milis sehat, udah pernah baca tentang demam jadi tenang. ini catatan untuk ibu-ibu bila anaknya demam, diambil dari…

January 28, 2008
read & write

a very yuppy wedding & marriagable

last thursday, my mother in law was here. i’m very happy because she also brought me these books i ordered from a very yuppy wedding by ika natassa2. marriagable by riri sardjono yay! :-) beautiful books. i love the covers!…

January 26, 2008
daily living

Oatmeal Cookies

breakfast this morning, i made oatmeal cookies. the recipe is taken from the frog commissary cookbook. you should try this! very CRUNCHY! ;-) yummm… 1 cup butter, room temperature 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 large eggs 2 tbsp milk 2 tsp…

January 22, 2008