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January 7, 2008
one of the nice things if you live in singapore, is that… you will always have friends or family who come to visit you (you will see indonesians everywhere. like maudy koesnaedi and her husband at borders or sutrisno bachir in vivo city). which never happen when we were in abidjan :-) (besides, who wants to go there for a holiday? or shopping? or celebrating new year?). 

last week, a friend of mine came.
i suggested that we met in vivo city.
what is vivo city, she asked.
oh, it’s the biggest mall in singapore. you should go there. really.

when we met, she said… “heh! gue tau ini akal bulus elo ya ketemuan di vivo. deket dari tempat lo soalnya.”
then i realized that i always suggest everybody to meet somewhere there. at least i have an idea (daripada terserah deh mau ketemuan dimana? hehe).

trus yah gitu, kalo temen lama ngumpul, keluar deh informasi penting ga penting.

a friend of mine who has been living in spore told me that if you have an obese child, then her/his school will give her/him a special sport class every saturday in order to lose weight!
can you believe that???

and i’m so amazed that some singaporeans skip their LUNCH to do exercise! crazy-aah!
how is that possible? i still understand if they skip lunch for shopping (in vivo city hahahha)… but exercising? it’s beyond belief!
in my case, strolling the stroller is counted as an exercise :-))) ihihihi… or walking to fridge at midnight is also an exercise.
yah, true. i eat a lot. :-)))

speaking of old friends i met in spore… this kid, tan hon ming, has put a smile on my face.
(ps, ga tau deh apa hubungan tan hon ming sama kemerdekaan malaysia… hehehe).

happy monday!

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