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la petite cuisine

January 3, 2008

it’s been ages that i never experience a bad hair day.
now i’m a housewife, i do experience a bad kitchen day.

i try to clean up my kitchen before i go to sleep. so, the next day, when i wake up… my clean kitchen will be a beautiful scenery. i’m easily stressed up when my kitchen is so messy. it’s a tiny petite cuisine.

i try to wake up as early as possible. smell the fresh air from my kitchen’s window. drink a lot of mineral water. then take a shower. sometimes i light a scented candle, as a treat.
i love my petite cuisine. i almost do everything here, including ironing the clothes… sometimes, having my me-time here. reading a book and enjoying my coffee when my son falls asleep.

so, when you see me in a bad mood. have a guess. my kitchen is messy.

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