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March 2008

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why do pirates love parrots?

March 31, 2008

i bought this book as a birthday gift for suamigila. last weekend, i read this book and i must say, i love it. this book is trying to answer little misteries of everyday life. for example: why are salmon pink?why does iced tea get cloudy?what does the ‘D’ in D-Day stand for?why is the moon sometimes visible during the day?why are most phychics women? and i’m curious…why do women open their mouth when applying mascara? ;-)…

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march 2008

01. it’s never too late to buy a 2008 diary! :-) 02. i finally say hello to singapore. hello precious! 03. second attempt, making mpek-mpek. quite satisfied with it. 04. making garlic bread, the videojug’s way. 05. i love her style! 06. newest…

March 29, 2008
daily living

a friend in need, is a friend indeed

pasti sudah sangat familiar dengan kalimat yang saya pakai sebagai judul di atas. beberapa hari ini, saya suka berpikir dalam hati tentang teman. lucu juga. teman masa tk, sd, smp, sma, kuliah, les, dan kerja. sebagian masih tetap bersentuhan. nama-nama mereka ada di handphone,…

March 28, 2008
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Aldebaran 19 Months

19 bulan: selesai sholat, trus liat mulut dan tangannya warna biru. hmmm, aha! somebody ate my pen! :-) ke dapur bentar, balik ke ruang tengah… bedak udah bertebaran di meja. :-)…

March 25, 2008
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yesterday we had lunch at newton (after almost living 1 year in singapore). i think, we’re not going there again. :-( it’s so true what the taxi driver told us. the food is expensive and in my opinion, the food is not as good…

March 23, 2008
daily living

Garlic Bread

it’s raining again in singapore.and i made garlic bread.alde loves it. me, love it. how to make garlic bread.…

March 19, 2008