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February 2009

daily living

Laugh. Dance. Ellen.

February 25, 2009

i’m not proud of it but i’m a fan of television. the shows are getting better these days. i love dress my nest, small space big style, amazing race, restaurant make over, just for laugh, chef for hire (in local television, channel 5 singapore), oprah, and of course i love  ellen :-). it is almost impossible to watch ellen on channel 5 because… in the morning, alde already woke up. sit happily on our sofa and watch tv. i often…

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movie & music

Slumdog Millionaire

last night i watched slumdog millionaire at home (don’t ask me why *grin*). no wonder it won 8 oscars. to be honest, there was a scary part in the movie and i still cannot erase it from my mind. now, i want to read…

February 25, 2009
movie & music

Pink Panther

on saturday night, we watched pink panther 2 at 9.40 pm. we booked 3 seats. we had no choice but to bring aldebaran along with us.  that’s why we went to cinema at night, hoping that he will fall asleep during the movie. guess…

February 23, 2009
daily living


moms were here a couple of weeks ago. i miss them everyday……

February 18, 2009

Visiting Gynecologist

hari ini saya kembali ke mount e untuk bertemu dokter kandungan. kunjungan yang ketiga tepatnya.  ini kali pertama saya menjalani kehamilan di luar negara sendiri. yang saya rasakan perbedaannya sbb: 1. di jakarta, saya kontrol kehamilan satu bulan sekali. di spore, tiga minggu sekali.…

February 13, 2009
daily living

Lima Tahun

hari ini, lima tahun usia pernikahan kami. lima tahun ‘ngupas bawang’ bareng dia. tiap anniversary, selalu inget cerita bawang… katanya, pernikahan itu seperti mengupas bawang. terkadang bikin kita perih dan nangis. terkadang bikin kita ketawa… ketawa karena pas lagi nangis, lihat bawang yang harus…

February 7, 2009
daily living

Eliane Elias

eliane elias is coming to singapore. and i’m begging him please to watch her performance. and he said yes :-)…

February 5, 2009