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Eliane Elias

March 16, 2009

eliane elias

for your information, i really love eliane elias. so of course i really wanted to watch her performance in mosaic music festival in singapore. our cousin was very kind to babysit aldebaran. we went to esplanade by bus. feeling happy as if it was our first date.

i love her performance. she played piano like magic. most of songs she sang that night were taken from her newest album, bossa nova stories.

i was a bit sad because i forgot to bring along her CDs. so, i didn’t get her signature. besides, on the spot, her CDs were sold out.

but i was really happy that night… and bought her newest CD online soon as i got home.

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  • Reply Sommerset March 18, 2009 at 12:47 am have the same artist favorite..haha xD
    I have some of her signature…somewhere in my flat, do you want me to scan it?

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