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September 2010

home & living

Our Dining Table

need to decorate our dining room. but so far, i’m very happy with it. it’s the heart of our tiny apartment. oh by the way… i really love our dining lamp, we bought it from ace home.…

September 25, 2010
style & beauty

Cooking with Farah Quinn

cooking with farah quinn for ala chef trans tv, a few months ago. wearing veil: kain furing, beli di pasar. batik: kavi indonesia. nursing t-shirt: zaralde. belt: zara. sandals: nine west (unseen).…

September 13, 2010
home & living

New Home Sweet Home

before: we bought an apartment, located not far from suamigila’s office. alhamdulillah, setiap saya melihat pemandangan di luar jendela, tidak pernah berhenti mengucap syukur. in such a short period, we managed to get things done. hal yang menyenangkan dari memiliki sarang baru adalah… dekor!…

September 1, 2010