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i love the smell of spinelli original blend in my kitchen. :-)…

July 30, 2008
daily living

First Attempt: Making Biscotti

a few days ago, i made biscotti. i must say, it’s not bad though ;-) it’s not as difficult as i thought. i took the recipe from here. Peppered Espresso Biscotti * 1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature * 3/4 cup sugar * 1/4…

July 18, 2008
daily living

things you’ll find

things you’ll find in our bathroom: 1. books… because there are racks, so i put books there :-) i’m re-reading me talk pretty one day – david sedaris religiously before i take a shower. 2. his cup of coffee, in the morning, before he…

November 13, 2007


remember that we love illy so much? on the way to den haag, we stopped here to have a cup of coffee illy.…

May 31, 2006
daily living

what i love the most in the morning

what i love the most in the morning when we were still in abidjan is, the nice smell of coffee from our espresso machine. the coffee is from nespresso. its smell is heaven! here, we tried to buy coffee from starbucks but our espresso…

May 18, 2006