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June 10, 2009

you always say that i do not say ‘i love you’ as often as you expected… what can i say, i’m not a romantic person. but you do know how much i love you… and this one is so cute… taken from here. but i love this one too… so funny! :-)…

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daily living


before your husband kisses you, kindly please check whether he’s wearing shoes. otherwise, he will call you at 7 am. “honey, would you be so kind to go to my office by taxi?” “sure. but… why?” “i forgot to wear shoes.”…

May 16, 2006
daily living

Things You Do When You Miss Someone

Mulya Adhitya +225 058717** bb lg ngapain? Mulya Adhitya +225 058717** bebe sombong ih. aa kan kangen. Yunita Ninit +225 059570** krn a ga ada, bb masak rendang. mudah2an enak ;-) ps, dikasih lampu ikea + meses sama Ron. hows yr day? Mulya Adhitya…

October 13, 2005
daily living


he: Do I make you happy?she: Yes, you do…he: Do I make you laugh?she: Yes, you do…he: Everyday?she: Yes… you make me happy and you make me laugh she: everyday… Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia. Di Cote d’Ivoire nggak ada KBRI. The only one KBRI untuk…

August 17, 2005
daily living

Legenda Bola Ajaib

Masih inget legenda BOLA AJAIB? to refresh your mind… gua copy paste postingan Adit bulan Juni 2004.  — Allow me to introduce the marvel of electric industry. Bola ajaib. Produk dapat anda temukan di supermarket terdekat. Cara Pengoperasian Bola Ajaib Place your hand on…

June 1, 2005
daily living

Not The Best Husband

last night, he said… “I may not be the best husband in the world… but I don’t want to be a bad one.” he made me cry! :_) but for me, he is the best!… *updated*… because he gave me a ticket to go…

February 13, 2005